my weekend

Went to a couple of flea markets, but found nothing. This is an old treasure.

Watched a big tre fall bam! to the ground outside our apartment. The wind did it.

Saw a nice pile of chopped up trees.

Went for a walk to look at peoples window exhibitions.

Drove to Kolbotn to see the graffiti exhibition Collaborism. See stop motion video here.

Played with Melvin in da hood.

Told him we were going to buy ice cream.

Watched some nice foreign objects.

And then we went home.

5 kommentarer:

  1. Joy! Window-peeping! I'd almost forgotten its many pleasures. The cactuses in this one look like there attempting an escape from the pot.

  2. Oh, my dear friend - I knew you would like the cactuses! I wish I dared going closer with my camera, but I was afraid that a mad old lady was peeping at me behind the curtains.

    Kanskje vi skal ta oss en tur i finværet en dag?

  3. Windowpeeping-derrive! Set a route based upon chance. Bring camera. As many windows as possible should be photographed. We can call it research and pretend were making art.

    Hjemme i påsken?

  4. I'm in! Martha&Margit finally going back to business!

    HJemme deler av påsken, snakkes på sms!

  5. Hei Anna. Den gule stolen vekker barndomsminner :-) Kjempefin! Tror jeg må en tur på loftet til mor igjen...