Annas story.

Annas Camping was a campground at Røsvoll, near the town of Mo i Rana, in the north of Norway.  The campground was impossible not to notice, but people passed by every day without seeing it. Annas Camping was as invisible as the little groceryshop and the church.

Anna grew up in this small place called
Røsvoll. At the age of 22, she had already worked at a meat factory, in a glove store, and as a mannequin. The money she made, she spent hitchhiking to Paris. There she got a job as a dancer and was sent to perform in the Middle East. In Egypt she learned how to belly dance, and she got to play in many movies. After a few years she moved to USA where she danced her way from state to state.

For 30 years, she was away from home.

In 1981 her mother became ill, and Anna went back to Norway. She started Annas Camping, a field with four huts and a little souvenir shop. Her aunt made the logo, and she painted it on an old door to used it as a sign for her campground.

The summer of 2006 I made t-shirts with Annas Campings logo on them for a souvenir project at
Bergen National Academy of the Arts. I told Anna this, and she smiled, proud and happy. Three weeks later she passed away. The following day, the signs showing the way to Annas Camping was removed.

Today there are horses eating the grass where tourists used to put up their tents. Anna never married and had no children, so there was no one to take over the business.

So I decided to take over the business my own way to keep Anna's story alive: I adopted the original logo and made Annas Camping into a place for unforgettable stories of any kind. 

Right now, the scarf bibs are keeping Annas story alive. Find them in my Etsy shop.