food with a face

Mr Spoqui has a contest going, and just now my pictures are featured! You can see my contribution here. And my other posts with humanly food here, here and here.

Ameskerias contribution to the contest is also worth a look, just see here.


a birdy project

Sometimes I have the best job! A few weeks ago I got to follow Kaja&Sara when they prepared for a workshop with the famous japanese designer Taku Satoh. The theme was "coincidence", and the task was to make a word and then let nature interfere. Quite the opposite from this project about the art of clean up: Stacking and sorting everyday objects.

Kaja&Sara chose to spell their word with bird seeds and let the doves do the trick afterwords.

For the class exhibition at the end of the workshop, Kaja&Sara presented these five photos, printed on glass:


And here is another beautiful project from the same workskop, made by Ida&Mari:
(it's a gif, so you have to click the picture to see it properly!)

You can see more beautiful and fun projects and read my whole article here. (sorry, in Norwegian only)

And check this project again :)


one fine day

Fin søndag på Henie Onstad og Høvikodden. Litt kunst, god mat og masse frisk luft.
A good Sunday at Henie Onstad. One part art, some good food, and lots of fresh air.