summer 2011 - part 3

Og her er huset vårt på Sleneset. Mye av interiøret var Kolbjørn sitt, han som bodde i huset før oss.
And this is is our house at Sleneset. Many of the things used to belong to Kolbjørn, the man who lived in the house before us.

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  1. i don't know if i'd prefer to go out for a walk around the countryside, or staying at this house surrounded by all these treasures!!
    all is so beautiful!!! and the sailorman, the squirrellmatchbox, the embroidered cloth... everything! :D
    i could go mad in this place, saying every 2 seconds: i love this, i love this...
    and your house is beautiful too with all these white flowers!!

    i knew i would enjoy the pictures of your holidays so much...
    thank you Camilla!!
    tomorrow we'll spent the day in the Costa Brava and i'll take a lot of pictures ;)
    the story of your parents honeymoon was really funny! you are really connected to this place ;)
    tomorrow we'll think of you!

    keep on enjoying!!