more portugal, please

love clouds, always will

how did i manage without my iphone, especially on long flights?

the view from our apartment

throwing stones into the waves

fresh air and the smell of sea

how the world looked from my sunbed

I want to have a private beach too

the oranges, oh, they were just wonderful. And cheap.

the last evening was spent without kids at a lovely restaurant. The no 1 ranking did scare us a bit, but we were not disappointed. The sweet Ana and Peter made us an unforgettable 5 course meal.

wish they were coconut palms!

veranda view

mamma, come find me

wish I could live all the way up there

so sweet together, these two

Just spent a week at the cpo resort outside Albufeira celebrating my mothers 60th birthday. Wish all birthdays were like this!

9 kommentarer:

  1. där har jag också varit! underbara stränder! :)

  2. Nydelige bilder! Og jeg fikk så veldig lyst til å dra til Portugal igjen, har ikke vært der siden i 1981, da jeg var på interrail. Og det lille barnet ditt, for en skjønn unge!

  3. Det ovenfor er skrevet av LiseB, jeg har problemer med kommentarer for tiden. Veldig kjedelig

  4. Fantastisk fine bilder. Vi snuser på en Portugal feire i sommer!! Og jeg fikk ikke noe mindre lyst til å dra etter å ha sett disse bildene. Tusen takk for kommentar på bloggen min.

  5. Takk jenter! Kan absolutt anbefale Portugal. Det var veldig varmt nå (rundt 25 grader), men heldigvis er vannet iskaldt - så da smelter man ikke helt likevel :)

  6. Hello Camilla!! yeah!! you were the first ;), thank youuu!!
    what a wonderful holidays you enjoyed!! someday I have to visit portugal, it's so close... and soo beautiful!
    thank you for sharing these lovely photos!!! i love clouds too and the sea, it makes me want to stay some days at the seaside enjoying life!
    melvin is so cute hidding from you... and the last one is funny too!!
    have a wonderful weekend ♥

  7. Wonderful photos from Portugal - looks almost like a charter holiday from the 70's (and I mean that in a very positive sense) ;)

  8. Eva: Thank you so much, I love your comments! Always bursting with happiness :)

    Inger Marie: Hehe, you are right - it felt like one too :) I have never been to this sort of charter before, and I must say that I liked it- especially travelling with children :)

  9. beautiful pics! i don't have an iphone and so i bought a dvd player for my toddler to watch on the plane;)